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All Change!

Well, what a year it’s been. Not just in Woodsmoor but for the whole world as Coronavirus brings worry and chaos to us all. It’s disrupted our communities, kept us all distant and, topically, has decimated our transport systems.

Not to mention that in this most remarkable of years, 2020 is also the 30th anniversary of when the station opened in 1990. Alas, our celebrations must necessarily be muted, but maybe later in the year, we can arrange something appropriate.

At this point, it’s apt, given that our station serves Stepping Hill Hospital, that WSF to offers our thanks and appreciation to all the staff working in the local NHS and support services for the courageous work they have done and, continue to do, to support us all.

And yet, even as we’ve been doing less, Woodsmoor station has undergone some radical transformations. There are now several CCTV cameras to keep our platforms safe.

It won’t have escaped your notice that we have spanking new platforms. No more spongy boards and the distinct danger the ground might suddenly swallow you up!

New Platforms At Woodsmoor Station

Finally, we hope you will enjoy our fantastic new posters. They are illustrations of the life and times of Woodsmoor, past and present.

On your next visit you’ll see a wry and witty take on the joys of the level-crossing from local artist and chronicler of Mancunian life, Eric Jackson. You can find and buy more of his work at

Then there’s a write up of Woodsmoor’s important role in the Jaguar story including the vital contribution of local legend William Walmsley in co-founding this iconic motoring brand. This exhibit was written, designed and printed by members of Woodsmoor Station Friends and both posters were made possible by funding provided by TfGM and the Community Rail Network.
New Posters At Woodsmoor Station
We hope you enjoy all of these new additions and will agree our station now offers better facilities, more colour and some remarkable historical texture to the socially distanced commuters of Woodsmoor.

Eric Jackson's Take On The Level Crossing
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