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Baking For Barnabus

The Woodsmoor Station Christmas Party

Woodsmoor Station Friends Christmas Party

Early on 16th December intrepid members of WSF camped at Woodsmoor Station to hold the annual Christmas party in support of homeless charity Barnabus.

The checklist was examined: good weather - check, coffee - check, cakes - check, Robert in the ticket office - check. All was in order it seemed.

Except, perhaps, Northern Rail whose timetable changes didn't go so well. So in an atmosphere of cancelled, delayed and overcrowded trains it was lucky WSF were there to lift commuters' spirits. Although you couldn't blame a few for having the Christmas cheer drained from them in the face of yet more transport woes!

Despite these issues a creditable £185.24 was raised for Barnabus with the collection continuing for the remainder of the week. Not a bad tally raised under fraught circumstances!

Thanks to everyone who contributed including the bakers and volunteers and especially those who hung around for a chat, enforced or otherwise.

Finally, WSF would like to wish all Woodsmoor commuters and residents a very merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

See you in 2020 with lots more exciting projects to tell you about...

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