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Woodsmoor Station AGM 13th Feb 2018

Happy New Year from Woodsmoor Station Friends.

Christmas and New Year are now a pleasant memory so it's time to start planning for what we're going to do in 2018 to further improve our wonderful community station.

To kick things off, we will be holding an AGM as the official start to our 2018 planning. We hope to develop a full agenda of ideas and activities.

We will be holding the meeting at the Dog & Partridge from 7.30 pm on 13th February. A table has been booked in anticipation. As a side note, the food's pretty good in the D&P so maybe arrive early and have your dinner before the meeting.

Meeting Agenda

1. Welcome and Introductions

2. Chairman's report on 2017 activities and review/agree previous minutes

3. Treasurer's report on expenditure, current and future funding

4. Plans in motion/for discussion

- Bike rack

- New timetable

- Defibrillator

- Station guttering and water management

- Ongoing maintenance of the planters

- Website - content, backlinks, contributions, comments

5. Further ideas and suggestions

6. AOB

We hope you can join us to see how you can help to make Woodsmoor Station the envy of the Buxton line.

See you there

Andy, Sharon and James